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Who is Healing Jaguar?

My Vision

​After two decades of experimenting with life and exploring the world, Healing Jaguar came to me in a dream. It is a Vision to raise human consciousness by teaching a conscious lifestyle. To take better care of ourselves and our sacred planet.

The Jaguar is magnificent, powerful, wise and sometimes threatening. His energy represents the power of the mind and emotions. He guides and supports us in difficult times, teaching us to let go and learn how to create our own reality. Everything I’d gone through and everything I’​ve learned finally summed up in this Vision and my re-connection with the Jaguar.

Consciousness and Freedom come with a responsibility toward ourselves, our fellow humans, animals and our planet. I strongly believe if we are committed to sustainable values in our lives, we find peace, happiness and fulfillment in the here and now. Because when we take care of our body, heart and mind, we enable our soul’s fullest potential. Empowering us to live a free, healthy and happy life.

My ​Work

I am a Transformation Coach with a strong background in energy healing, herbalism, ceremony and psychology. My practice and healing work is that of a modern shaman as I access the spiritual and the physical planes to reflect and assist in personal empowerment, earth healing and dancing the dream. I am realistic, open and direct in my work. I see the Goddess in everyone and it has been said that I am able to awaken it in people if they cannot yet see it themselves.

I am a expert in self development, because this is what my life always has been about. Yes, I have studied with many great teachers all over the world and worked with Shamans in the Andes and the Amazon. But what made me into who I am today, and the gift I bring to the world, is my life experience, my life story.

Healing from trauma and abuse is challenging. What makes people come out of such tragedy stronger and healthier than before? Why do some people change, and some don’t? How do people change? What does transformation really mean? These questions fascinate me, and I’ve explored them in depth on a personal and academic level.

My programs and coachings are holistic in their approach to self-healing and transformation. I do not have all the answers. I just strongly feel that I am now equipped with enough tools and strategies and hard learned life wisdom, that I can assist others on their path from struggling to healing and fulfillment. Consciousness raises, when we know ourselves and understand our impact on others and the environment. When we take care of our Body/Mind/Heart/Soul. And when we understand, that how we interpret our experiences, is how we shape our lives.

My methods are unconventional and direct. This lead me to develop the "​Path of the Goddess Awakening". Follow the experiment and you might be surprised what unknown qualities you’ll discover inherit in yourself!

My Story

​I was a fairy child, sensitive, connected with nature and troubled by the state of this world. I was always rebellious and strong, but I was also weak and introverted. My life is a story about finding balance between creation and destruction, excess and simplicity, fire and water.

For a long time, I was just a Dreamer. Now I have become a Magician. I have freed myself from all conventions that do not serve me and I create my own life, on my own terms and have finally found balance and peace by taking ownership of my life, my state, my being.

I was hurt many times. Pain and suffering on all levels became constant companions. Although well cared for on the outside, I struggled already as a kid to fit in. And when I became older I did all kind of crazy sh*t to fit in and find the love and freedom I was so desperately looking for. The longer I did so, the less I wanted the life I’d created for myself. But I was struggling to turn things around. I was stuck in my own misery. Until I really hit rock bottom. My life was in danger, my emotional sanity gone, and my health deteriorated. I finally pulled myself together. Left misery behind for good!

Now I love my life, but my own path of healing and transformation was and is ​intense. There were several influences that helped me overcome these challenges. I see life as an opportunity for constant learning. I refrain from blaming and judging.  I experience the sacredness of nature. I practice creativity through Art and Dancing. I am present and caring. I love and accept myself.

Though I have not always been responsible towards myself and my impact on this earth. I do my best to make up for it now. For sure, every crisis brought me further on my path, made me stronger and more trusting in life and loving of all. As an initiate into ancient traditions, one of my life mottoes has always been "do what you will as long as you harm none". This means I take responsibility for my actions, I respect and expect respect in return.

Thus I have committed my life to healing.  I believe the illnesses of body and mind we experience today are mirrors of the ailments our Mother Earth suffers. And I strongly believe, as we learn to take care of our life, we’ll learn to take care of our ​one and only home, our beautiful blue planet Earth.

We live in amazing times. The potential of destruction vs. creation has never been so big. Wisdom acquired from Life, Nature, Teachers, Tears and Laughter guides my steps into living my highest potential. Always a student I continue my soul’s growth with my body strong, my heart open and my mind in control. Always blessed, in awe, and eternally grateful for the limitless possibilities life provides.

Truly Yours,

Morgana Tizona​

My ​Credentials

  • lifelong Artist, Spiritual Seeker and Environmental Activist
  • 20+ years’ experience in spiritual practices
  • 20 years’ experience working as a project manager in ​Finance and IT ​doing system and process design
  • 6 years’ experience in transformation coaching & spiritual healing
  • 2004 – 2009 Certified Integrative Energy Therapist from Snowlion Center School (by Rolf Steiner, lineage of Barbara Brennan)
  • Since 200​5 practicing 5 Rythms (Jonathan Horan, and many more, also lineage of Gabrielle Roth)
  • Since 2006 studying at School of Movement Medicine (by Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, lineage of Gabrielle Roth)
  • Various Pilgrimages to Sacred Sites in Egypt, England, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and Guatemala
  • 2011 Initiation as Priestess of Avalon in Tikal, Guatemala
  • 2012/2013 Shamanic Plantwork with Maestro Juan Flores @ Mayantuyacu, Peru
  • 2013 Munay Ki Initiation in Pisaq, Peru
  • 2014 Birth of my son Damian Amaru
  • 2017 Advanced Intuitive Healing (by Wendy DeRosa School of Intuitive Studies)
  • 2018 Certified Life Coach (by Kain Ramsay)
  • ​2018 ​Unleashed Coaching (by ​Christine Hassler )​
  • 201​9 Holistic Coaching (by Margaret Moore )​


I've gotten to know Morgana as an open-minded, direct and honest person. She acts out of her intuition and is guided strongly by the Goddess energy. An energy she incarnates in a lively and powerful form. She is a dreamer and lives her life fighting to better this world. The destruction of mother earth saddens her deeply. She walks conscious in this life careful of sustainability of her actions.

Her ideas are inspiring, she healed herself in so many ways. She has touched and healed others ever since. She stands up for her friends and I trust her like a sister. I know her a long time and it is a pleasure to see how the pain and suffering she's experienced in her life made her into a strong and compassionate teacher and guide to other suffering people.

Simone F. - Teacher

Morgana has been a guide to me into my inner world. She opened doors I didn't know existed, there was so much hurt inside me. Behind those doors I found my own light and I am eternally grateful because this changed my life for the better.

Mirjam W. - Marketing Assistant

The teachings I received from Morgana were very focused and practical. She is an authentic teacher with just the right levels of compassion and no-bullshit-attitude. I found her warm and experienced in her guidance. I managed to take control of my thoughts and feelings enabling me to turn around certain areas of my life where I'd been stuck. Thank you for this and much love and light to you.

Marc T. - Construction Worker

Very down to earth yet so powerful Goddess energy, her wild and passionate nature awakened a new me. I was desperate and now I am content. Morgana helped me to see my true self and activate self healing capabilities I didn’t know I had.

Kate M. - ​Dancer

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