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Wake ​Up World

How holding a conscious vision for a better world, empowers you to take the right action


I want you to feel better about your place in this world. I want to show you clear steps of action that you can ​take, to realize a vision of a whole and healthy planet!

There’s a lot wrong in the world today. We humans are polluting the environment at an alarming rate. Species become extinct, wars are being fought, children still die of hunger. Basic needs like clean drinking water are still not available for people everywhere. Minorities are abused and enslaved. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Howe are we going to fix this? How are we going to make the world a better place? It is overwhelming, to say the least, but it is not without hope!

Everyone Counts

In this introduction series we’ve traveled through the depth of your Heart, the power of your Mind, and your responsibility for your Body. These are the first steps on the Path of ​Transformation. A discovery process of the many layers of Self, aimed to improve ​Your Life on all levels. And as you move deeper into your inner world, your experience of the outer world changes.

I want to encourage you to stop looking at the world with desperation and a feeling that “there’s nothing I can do”. Instead, all the work on Heart, Mind and Body enables you to awaken your Universal Soul and embrace a different story concerning the state of this world. A story where you know that “Everyone counts” and your actions toward the Earth and all of Humanity reflect the love that you feel for yourself.

Drop of Water

​Do you feel resignation when you hear about the destruction of nature? Do you feel powerless, when you read about climate change? Do you feel overwhelmed with the state of this world? Do you engage in finger-pointing, instead of taking personal responsibility? Or do you just feel resigned and paralyzed to take any action at all?

Trust me, you are not alone! I’ve been in all these places and so have many of us. The real question is, are you ready to turn this negative story about the world around and start feeling the hope? Are you ready to embrace the abilities to connect and collaborate that is our natural birthright? If you want to know how to train your awareness and what kind of activism makes sense, then read on!

Like with all Change, changing the world is a question of the right motivation. I do not believe changing the world is possible without changing ourselves first. If you mistreat your own body, it is very likely you mistreat the earth as well. If you use consumption as an attempt to heal yourself from your soul pain, your likely very far away from even understanding the nature of your Soul. The good news is all this can be learned and implemented for your own personal situation.

For me, ​the motivation to save the world comes from a very clear ​understanding how the ​Universe works and where life comes from. In the last 300 years, science has replaced religious dogma about these questions. We see ourselves as an enlightened species who has uncovered the smallest elements of what is life and how it works. But can science tell us who we are? Conventional science has taught us that life was created by chance, that we consist of disconnected atoms following the rules of survival of the fittest. That matter is only matter. But what makes matter come alive? Science has no answer to this question! Instead, anything that cannot be seen or measured, is blatantly ruled out of the common conception. The universe is presented as consisting of dead matter. Humans of junk DNA. We're taught, this is a world of struggle and competition, a world where we need to fight for our life without consideration of other life. ​The common mindset seems to be "the planet is here for our taking​, without retribution". It is thus no wonder that in ​this world of competition​, we humans take whatever we can of the earth to build our empires. After all, what else is there to do?

Well, I am proposing a paradigm change here. There is new Science supporting this. Like that we are all connected in big energy fields and live is created by Consciousness​! I will write about this in detail at a later stage. But you might already have glimpsed this deeper truth in your own life anyway. Is the Universe not alive and thriving? Is the Earth not a living Conscious Being? Where does Love, Compassion and Awe come from if we are just cells, muscles and bones put on this planet to reproduce and then die?

The theory of the living universe clearly implies that Earth is a Conscious Being​. Just as we are! What happens in our microcosm, also happens in the macrocosm. Once you realize the implication of this, it is just natural to want to Save the Planet, is it not?


​We live in a unique time where we can embrace a new way of humanness, where we are capable of so much more than we could ever have imagined! Maybe your Soul is not ready to embrace this yet. I can understand this because the common theories are so deeply ingrained in us. It takes effort to open up to a new perspective. But I am sure, you understand this: If we continue like this, there will be no inhabitable planet anymore for the children of our children to live in!!!

The Earth is a Conscious ​Being who has gone through many stages of development. She will survive. The question is: will we?

A New Vision for the World

As with personal change, I am proposing to start this change by envisioning a better world. Only this will allow us to get into the right mindset to take the right action. My Vision is of a World where we live in Peace. Where all weapons are laid down and destroyed. A World were nature is preserved and cherished. I look at the World and I see her: Lady Gaia - healthy and unbroken. She is - just as my own body - capable to heal herself! Marianne Williamson calls this the Buddha Mind and compares it to the example of Jesus healing the Leper by seeing through the illusion of the illness to the true being that is always whole and unharmed.

Peace Demonstration

​Can we hold in our hearts a vision of humanity who takes this opportunity of consciousness raising and start a new way of life that is based on connection and collaboration? How many of us are needed to hold up this vision to be true? I don’t know. I just know: Everyone Counts! When so many of us are imprisoned in a dark illusion of desperation and hopelessness for the world, then yes – the situation is indeed hopeless! But if many of us hold up and care for a vision where the world is whole and unharmed, I think we stand a chance to survive as a species! 

For this Healing to happen on all levels, we need to engage in a process called Shadow Work. It is necessary to look at the darkest places in your soul to find The Light within You. Or to speak in Jungian terms, it is necessary to pull back your projections.

Self-realization and self-empowerment is like going up and down a flight of stairs, eventually allowing you to ascend to higher levels of Being. The ​Shamans and many ancient ​Myths have the story of going down into the ​Underworld and they knew very well why this process is necessary for ​Healing. How can we awaken this Universal Soul in us? Everything is related. No step alone will transform you, but going up and down these stairs of self-realization and self-empowerment will get you leveled up eventually.

I mentioned the Mind Body Connection in a previous article.  And our human capability to heal ourselves. It is all about imagining the body whole and healthy and thus healing from cancer and all sorts of supposedly terminal illnesses becomes and actual possibility. IT IS THE EXACT SAME THING FOR THE MACROCOSM OF OUR PLANET!!! I know this works for my own body: when I believe it – then it becomes true!!! So I am encouraging you, to hold the same vision for the planet. To believe in it and to make it true.

​Will you include the vision of a whole and beautiful planet in your meditation? Will you believe in our capacity to survive and will you pray for our ability to adapt and create a new world? A better world?


​​One thing is certain: We have to stand up to make a change! We have to participate in the system whether we think it is broken or not! We have to stop hiding our heads in the sand and expect other people to pick up the slack. How can you expect it to get better? If you cannot stand up for your rights and take a risk, how could you expect anybody else to?

The Ecological Footprint

​Holding a positive vision for the future of this planet, forces me to be very conscious of my actions when it comes to using up the limited resources on our one and only planet.

There is a concept called “Ecological Footprint” and it basically measures how many Planet Earths would be required to support our life style. The statistics are devastating!

​More clearly explained, the Ecological Footprint is a measure of how much biologically productive land and water an individual, population or activity requires to produce all the resources it consumes, and to absorb the waste it generates.

Now, even if the world average is “only” 1.7 planets, we still have only One! Besides, the developing countries are fast developing to the levels of consumption of the Western World. And they should – develop, I mean! The question is in which direction? Having worked in the development industry for some years now and also lived in Peru for 2 years, I have some very clear opinions about this. I believe every human has a right to the modern amenities we take for granted in our parts of the world. Be that access to financial services, clean energy, water, food security, education, sanitation, technology and so much more. But I do not believe that the Western World is a very good example when it comes to consumerism and the exploitation of non-renewable resources. Still much of the developing world is more focused on having ​things like Coca Cola, Nike sneakers and I Phones, rather than sustainable development. This makes ​me sad. Many people just don’t know any better, they just see what we have and want it too – totally understandable. Goddess blessed, there are intelligent and courageous people everywhere ​initiating change and development. So yes, there are initiatives that work toward sustainable and organic agriculture and clean energy, etc. Unfortunately, the general tendency though is still clearly to use more, not less – of everything. Bottom line is: WE NEED TO CHANGE OUR BEHAVIOR AND FAST!

Human made Climate Change is in everybody’s mouth these days. And even though the predictions are now very dire (read this or this), there is still no real action by the governments of this world. This is not justified. Let me clarify. Of course I know about the Paris Agreement and all such things. But it is my very personal opinion that this is just a proforma discussion. How much taxes on CO2 and such things. But what about the reduced nutrition in food? What about the rainforest? Etc.  Personally, I’d expect immediate and drastic actions  – so I wonder, do they not dare, or do they not care?

Some people argue that what we are experiencing is natural climate change. Well, sure, we might very well steer into a next ice age (the last one ended just 10’000 years ago and a new one might as well be approaching without any of us having any influence over it). There is naturally so much going on that we do not have an influence over, yes. But the CO2 we produce by the burning of fossil fuels –THIS IS WRONG! This is like smoking cigarettes or eating cow ​pus (or what do you think is in these diary products?) – all things humans do on a daily basis…

“The shocking truth is that climate change has only just begun. Regardless of future emission trends, the CO2 footprint from our brief passage on Earth is going to remain in the climate system and impact the well-being of all terrestrial life forms for what could almost be considered an eternity.” Source

​Fact is, the extremes of our world can no longer be denied. While the cause of these extremes may be up for debate, the fact is that they’re happening and we are faced with them on a daily basis. Now, more than ever, as individuals and families, we must choose between becoming victims of our time of extremes, or learning to thrive by being honest with ourselves about the world, and using common sense to adapt to the uncertainty that we face. We are so used to easily having our needs met in the moment. But it is time now to thoughtfully plan ahead so the same can be true for the future. 

Fact is, the extremes of our world can no longer be denied. While the cause of these extremes may be up for debate, the fact is that they’re happening and we are faced with them on a daily basis. Now, more than ever, as individuals and families, we must choose between becoming victims of our time of extremes, or learning to thrive by being honest with ourselves about the world, and using common sense to adapt to the uncertainty that we face. We are so used to easily having our needs met in the moment. But it is time now to thoughtfully plan ahead so the same can be true for the future.

​I personally am convinced, that technology exists, allowing us to be mobile without using oil and other fossil fuels! For too long a time now, the industry and people in power, have suppressed the development of alternative technology, but it is here! We just still are not allowed to have it… To be sure, I am not talking about the by now readily available electronic and hybrid cars. Although valuable and a step into the right direction, in reality I find it ridiculous that by the year 2019 there is no commonly available, truly sustainable, alternative for personal mobility! I for one can totally envision a world, where energy is derived from limitless universal sources (=free energy / zero point energy)

Of course, it is not just cars that have a negative impact on nature. Energy production. Coal industry. Airplanes. Mass meat production. Over population. Plastic. Pesticides. GMO. Heating. Air conditioning. Nuclear power. Overfishing. Deforestation, …. and the list goes on. It is a fact that as long as we live in the houses available to us, using the services available to us, no matter how low our personal consumption (aka no car, eat only regional produce, have ​no children, eat vegan, ….)  we can still not move below the usage of 1 Earth in the Western World! The infrastructure is already over using the Earth. And I personally don’t think the solution is to live off the land in a simple life in the forest, although I honor people who are experiment with this way of life.

Here are a few links where you can calculate your own ecological footprint. Try it out, it's really eye-opening & interesting!

ecological footprint

What can we do?

Now, if you are wondering what we can do. There is much! And it is so much more than just off-setting your CO2 – which should be the basis of any consumption anyway. But offsetting the CO2 is not enough. We need to reduce it, significantly and immediately! CO2 actually has been identified as the culprit that reduces the levels of nutrients in our food! See this video, for the the Science.

Here are the latest statistics of what human behavior has the biggest impact on CO2 reduction, from the Environmental Research Letters 2017:

I’ve been emphasizing before, how important it is that you become aware of the impact your actions have. Especially those actions related to:

There are many reasons why you live the way you live, and I am not here to judge you. All I am saying is that everywhere there is an improvement potential and when everybody is doing their best with their given circumstances, we are doing better than when everybody thinks it doesn’t matter anyway. IT DOES MATTER!

Choose your pick now. I’d say nutrition is probably where we can have the biggest impact by focusing on seasonal and regional produce, and significantly reducing the amount of animal products. This is followed by our mobility choices. But there are many more things to consider such as stop using single use plastics and the concept of zero waste. I am convinced, you too, have a few screws in the machine of your life that CAN be adjusted for the better!

I am also a big advocate of environmental and political activism. You might not yet have the energy or resources to start your own project. I do have two beautiful things in the pipeline that I am very excited about, but because of this I know how big the investment is. In the meantime, we are blessed with many courageous and inspiring people already going the way ahead. People who founded organizations that are definitely making a difference. As a matter of fact, there are loads of them and for an individual who desires to support a project it is difficult to choose one that really makes an impact on the root cause of issues we are facing vs. just putting bandages on superficial problems. Using fake charity events and so called philanthropy, that is just geared toward publicity and participants feeling better and offsetting their guilt, while not really making a positive impact to save the world.

If you have been struggling with all this and are now in the processes of taking your life into your own hands and live your dream. And if you are lucky enough to have a bit of cash to spare and to support an organization. I have put together the “Awake Organizations Guide” for you to direct your efforts to organizations that do make a difference where it really matters. The list is by no way complete, and I will add to it continuously, but I think it is enough to get us started.

The Aware Organizations Guide

Support the causes you believe in and actively participate in the world.

To help you support the right organizations, I’ve started this list with some of the best organizations out there. If you want to do something with your money, these are some organization that make the most meaningful impact in the world today!

Enjoy 😊


Aavaaz “The Voice” empowers 50 million people to haven impact on Politics and environmental issues. They fight peacefully against animal cruelty, Gen-tech, pesticides, slavery, war, brutality against minorities, and so much more. Everybody can start their own campaign and their campaigns are hugely successful. Their track record is truly amazing. A true community builder and voice of the people.

Plastic Oceans

​Plastic Oceans, initially stated out with an amazing, although devastating, documentary on the plastic pollution of our waterways. They are now a true movement and change maker by educating and inspiring people to take action with real solutions to shift global reliance on plastic.

Rainforest Alliance 

Rainforest Alliance brings real, measurable benefits to forests, communities, and wildlife in vulnerable landscapes around the world. They focus on Forest, Food & Farming, Wildlife, Climate, and Indigenous People. They represent a global community of people who share their vision of strong forests and thriving communities. They work with people, companies, and governments to restore balance to the world's most important and vulnerable landscapes. They are committed to creative and pragmatic solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges. Their mission is to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods, they support indigenous people in keeping the oil companies out of their territories and they organize spiritual journeys to the tribes and their healers, lead by international authorities on shamanic practices and nature-based spirituality.

Earth Activist Training  

Earth Activist Training plants the seeds for change. They offer courses in permaculture, earth-based spirituality, organizing and activism. Their mission is to teach visionary and practical solutions. Representing political, environmental, and spiritual movements that seek peace, justice, and resilience.


Kiva’s mission is to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. They celebrate and support people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. By lending as little as $25 on Kiva, anyone can help a borrower start or grow a business, go to school, access clean energy or realize their potential. For some, it’s a matter of survival, for others it’s the fuel for a life-long ambition.

And it’s actually quite fun to browse through their projects and chose the ones you want to ​support. I’ve actually worked for them for a while and in similar fields, so if you have question regarding the model, I am happy to give you further details.


One of the classics I really do have to mention, because I believe often radical action is required to make a change. Greenpeace calls out to all planet lovers, reminding us that together we are stronger. Our problems are interconnected, and so are the solutions. They say: “There is no one single way to save the planet. From marching side by side on the halls of power to replanting a forest, we thrive when we cooperate. Everyday people can band together and challenge even the world’s most powerful forces.” And that my friends, is a statement I can subscribe to wholeheartedly!

Again, this list is in no way conclusive. These are some of the organizations, that have been close to my heart for many years. There are many great movements in this world that you can join and be part of. Everybody is needed. Everybody has something to give.

To be clear here. The point of supporting awakened organizations is not to offset your guilt! It is to make you part of this awakening yourself. To make you conscious of your own impact and that there is always something you can do. Have no money? No problem, grow your own vegetables and give them all your love. This will help the consciousness raising as much as giving your hard earned money away. The important point is that you do something, ANYTHING. That you stop closing your eyes and your heart to the disaster out there. And start with healing in there.

Plants Growing


I believe it is essential we do not shut down on what is happening to our planet. The dire reality might well be that there is no inhabitable planet anymore for even our children to grow old!!! Now I don’t want you to despair either. I want you to become conscious that:

  • The way you think affects your reality
  • The way you act contributes or subtracts from environmental health
  • The way you feel about yourself defines the way you feel about the world


“A state of being aware of and responsive to one's surroundings”.

I said this before, but I’ll repeat myself because I think it is crucial. If you do not treat your Body in a way to honor its sacredness, I do not believe you will be able to treat the Earth as the Conscious Being she is. So now you know now where to start!

Earth Healing Meditatio

I also want to remind you, that the essential thing to do and to start with now, is to cultivate a new story. A story where the Earth is whole and unharmed. Create Consciousness. Hold up this Vision in our daily practice to make this the reality that will allow us, and many generations to come, to live in love and peace upon this beautiful planet where we have the extreme honor to live.

We can and will prevail if all consider the following essential principles:

  1. Consciousness (​aware mindset, healing meditation, high vision, awareness of the impact of your actions, shadow work, build up resilience for extremes)
  2. Sustainability (only use what you need, reuse and recycle, make zero impact, etc. everyone counts!)
  3. Community (together we are strong,  we are all connected with each other and our planet, support the right projects: see the Aware Organizations Guide above)
  4. Take action now (What is your passion issue? What could YOU DO to make an impact? What do you need to enable yourself to do so?)​

​We can put our heads into the sand and cry about how small we are and how little we can impact. Or we can stand up and take responsibility for our actions. Live a sustainable life starting right now with the smallest step you are ready to take today. Learning to live up to our potential and create a world where next generations can continue to live in abundance.

So, it is not with despair I look out into the world. When the rays of the sun touch my face after a long winter, where I stood with my feet firmly in the snow. When nature blooms anew, I look out into the world with hope. Because every awakened person awakens others, and together we will be able to bring forth the necessary change.

Earth in a bottle

​I believe in actively working to make the world a better place. I believe only when women are empowered to make a stand for justice and kindness and respect, will we have a global society that actually refuses to tolerate cruelty and destruction. I believe when women stand up, as mothers and sisters and wives, we build better communities and encourage all those causes I’ve mentioned, and many more.  When we each take our piece, just a very small piece, and work in that area to make a difference, the world will be a better place.

Everybody counts!

Still dubious how to apply these principles in your own life? Well then, why not hop on a call with me where we can analyze your personal life situation and create a new life design that will not only bring you happiness and fulfillment, but also lets you find a way to make an impact on the world situation – thus raising consciousness for everybody. I would love to talk to you.

Also when you feel like you need support how to handle your own life when it comes to living in the Heart, taking care of your Body, learning to ​master your Mind ​to develop your Universal Soul and Consciousness for making the world a better place. I invite you to a FREE 30 Minutes Discovery Call, where we can talk about your life’s purpose and what your next steps could be.

I promise you a shift in your perception and some meaningful guidance on how to live Your Life in a free and conscious manner. All you need to do, is book an appointment and let us talk!

​With this, I conclude my introduction series. I am happy to discuss any of these topics with you, if you leave a comment in the comment section below.

With much love and compassion,

Morgana Tizona

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